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Gamma+ Boosted Trimmer


Gamma+ Professional Boosted cordless hair Trimmer with Super Torque Motor

Elevate your grooming game with the Gamma+ Boosted Cordless Trimmer GP402M. Key features include:

  • Super torque motor running at 8,000 strokes per minute for precise cuts.
  • Double Black Diamond X-Pro Wide fixed blade and DLC “The One” deep slim tooth cutter for smooth, crunch-free cuts.
  • Lithium-ion battery provides a 120-minute runtime for extended use.
  • Fully adjustable blade for the closest cut, easily zero-gapped for desired finish.
  • Anti-Slip Docking Station with LED light ensures stability and visibility during use.
  • Universal USB-C Rechargeable and charging stand for convenience and worldwide use.
  • Additional Housings included for 3 different color mod options, allowing for personalization.
  • Universal Blade Setter with dual ends for precise blade adjustments.
  • Engineered & designed in Italy for quality and style.

Includes: Trimmer, Black diamond DLC X-Pro Wide fixed fade blade with The One DLC deep tooth cutter blade, USB-C cord, Charging stand/cord, 3 lids, Zero gap blade setter, Cleaning/maintenance kit, Mini screwdriver.