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Nappy Styles Napping Creme Paste


Product details

  • With Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Black Castor Oil
  • For High Top Fades
  • Tapered Fades
  • Burst Fades 
  • Fro Hawks
  • South of France Cuts
  • All Nappy Hair Styles
  • Products inspired by master barbers to help maintain today's nappy
  • Unaltered natural styles
  • These superiors products infused with natural ingredients were tested and approved by hundred of FroHawk Natural Healthy Hair
  • Throw Away Your Comb And Rub Your Hair Healthy
  • With coconut oil, shea butter and black castor oil
  • For high top fades, tapered fades, burst fades, frohawks
  • creamy conditioning soft paste
  • Use With Styling Sponge
  • Leaves no Residue